We Do What We Don’t

First of all, I have to thank to @twitter, @photomatt  @hnshah @om @msg and @tonidotorg , why, because of them, I can challenge myself, to spreading the words via wordpress again.


We do, what we don’t is my first day blogging for 30 days of blogging, and, this is a simple matter, that already happened around the world, especially, nowadays, in my beloved country, Indonesia

Why I said so, because, nowadays, in Indonesia, a lot of politicians, say that he/she fond of democracy, and try their best to live the democracy process livelyh, unfortunately, they  did the contrary, they try to kill the democracy in Indonesia, especially to give the right to vote to the people of Indonesia at Pilkada (Regional’s Governor or Major Election)…

The worst sample of this, We do what we don’t can be linked to the Walk out of Democratic Party at House Repsentatives Plenary Session on RUU Pilkada. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, as the Chairman of Democratic Party, try to convince the people that his party was the fighter of  democracy process in Indonesia, unfortunately, the walk out of the members of the party, ruins his statement, so, #shameOnYouSBY or #ShameOnYouSusiloBambangYudhoyono became the trending topic at twitter for at least,24 hours.

In a simple example, SBY or Democratic Party actions, speak louder than words, the statement of SBY, is due to the walk out. So, especially in Political Actions, We Do, What We Don’t , Thank You