Thank U for following Us and Our Agenda

Dear all netters, we so sorry for being late in updating this site, coz, a lot of duty to be fulfilled after the seminar! (Thanks GOD for the healthy mind and soul that I got from U!)


Here, we wish to thank for all of U, the learner that came to our Storytelling Training Agenda at Surabaya, we wish, we can share a lot knowledge, again and again, in order to make our world, especially our country, peacefully.


Insya ALLAH, this week, I wanna share  a bit of discussion that shared at our training, so, keep in touch!






Storytelling Training at Surabaya, only 25 seats left!

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”
Theologian Robert McAfee Brown (1920-2001)


Dear all, everyone of us maybe not even consider of this reality, every hour in our daily life is fulfilled with the story told by storytellers!


It may came from blogs, radio broadcasters, tweets, ads or even the stories share by others to us in our trip to the office or when we still in queue  for taking our meals at Mc Donald’s at Lunch Time…


So, why don’t you try to become the storyteller too, as you have a lot of creativities to be shared to others, lot of skills to be transferred to your community? And, the powerful way to do so, just via storytelling…

Now, do participate in our Agenda, Storytelling Training at Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia! because we just have only 25 seats to be offered to all of you with our SPECIAL PRICE (first come, first served). The way to enroll your name was too easy, just send an sms with this format : 

Your Name#Entertaining Empowering#15 Desember#Surabaya to the committee at 0819 3238 3339 .

Example of SMS :

Afzon Dakka#Entertaining Empowering#15 Desember#Surabaya and send that sms to 0819 3238 3339


How much the participation fees?

The cost is only Rp.635.000/person, but if you enroll your name before 12th of December 2013 (only 25 seats left; first come, first served), you entitled to get EARLY BIRD PROMO PRICE at Rp.310.000/person.The Training runs from 08.30 AM – 02.30 PM, with a coffee break and buffet lunch




PS. Otherwise it is stated, the training will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia