My Missing Blood Moon

As it was predicted  by scientist, today, the eight of October, 2014, The Blood Moon will appears, and it can be viewed with naked-eye, from my own city, Jakarta


What was the Blood Moon, and why it happens, can be read here   I do happy to watch it, so, I stop my bike on that time, after praying Maghrib, nearby Depok, West Java, Indonesia. Unfortunately, the cloudy sky preventing me from watching the event. So, I felt dissappointed and unhappy, because, based on some papers on the net, it was a rare type of the eclipse of the moon.


Fortunately, at the mosque that I was prayed Maghrib, the Imam announced, that he will lead the Lunar Eclipse Prayer and asked us to follow the prayer. So, that was the only one potential deed I can do in celebrating (without watching or viewing) Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.


Arriving at home, I try to google the view of that event, and, lucky me, it will happen again in next future months, so, not to miss it, and praying to the LORD, ALLAH SWT, that I may watch it, as HE ALLOWED me to watch Halley’s Comet on  1986.