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First of All, I am not Evangelist, also, I am not a prosperous motivator as the others been, but I do really realize, that everyone will appreciate these… 1. To motivate or being motivated, cross cultural, cross-faith, and of course, borderless, everyone ought to motivate others, and sometimes, to being motivated with others 2. As a mankind, The Almighty Creator crafted us with the limit, but none know what was the real limit, except HIM. 3. To let our life surrounded with the uneasy things or obstacles  are really happens, maybe as per bit of every second of our time, so…everyone …Read more »

As it was predicted  by scientist, today, the eight of October, 2014, The Blood Moon will appears, and it can be viewed with naked-eye, from my own city, Jakarta   What was the Blood Moon, and why it happens, can be read here   I do happy to watch it, so, I stop my bike on that time, after praying Maghrib, nearby Depok, West Java, Indonesia. Unfortunately, the cloudy sky preventing me from watching the event. So, I felt dissappointed and unhappy, because, based on some papers on the net, it was a rare type of the eclipse of the moon.   …Read more »

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