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Terima kasih, telah berkunjung ke blog kami, kami bangga Anda kunjungi, WYATB! Dear all, saat ini, berbagi atau berpromosi ke sesama, amat mudah. Anda dapat mempromosikan diri Anda, usaha Anda, melintasi batas territorial, hingga batas waktu. Apa yang Anda promosikan pada saat ini, dapat pada saat yang sama, sampai di hadapan para rekan, pemirsa hingga target pasar Anda, tentu, internet adalah sarana tersebut. Nah, guna menjamin promosi diri dan bisnis Anda di dunia maya, maka, Anda pun harus cermat, cerdas memilih rekanan atau infrastruktur. Rekanan Anda, di dunia maya adalah web hosting, sementara infrastruktur dan suprastruktur, dapat berupa software program, …Read more »

First of All, I am not Evangelist, also, I am not a prosperous motivator as the others been, but I do really realize, that everyone will appreciate these… 1. To motivate or being motivated, cross cultural, cross-faith, and of course, borderless, everyone ought to motivate others, and sometimes, to being motivated with others 2. As a mankind, The Almighty Creator crafted us with the limit, but none know what was the real limit, except HIM. 3. To let our life surrounded with the uneasy things or obstacles  are really happens, maybe as per bit of every second of our time, so…everyone …Read more »

As it was predicted  by scientist, today, the eight of October, 2014, The Blood Moon will appears, and it can be viewed with naked-eye, from my own city, Jakarta   What was the Blood Moon, and why it happens, can be read here   I do happy to watch it, so, I stop my bike on that time, after praying Maghrib, nearby Depok, West Java, Indonesia. Unfortunately, the cloudy sky preventing me from watching the event. So, I felt dissappointed and unhappy, because, based on some papers on the net, it was a rare type of the eclipse of the moon.   …Read more »

First of all, I have to thank to @twitter, @photomatt  @hnshah @om @msg and @tonidotorg , why, because of them, I can challenge myself, to spreading the words via wordpress again.   We do, what we don’t is my first day blogging for 30 days of blogging, and, this is a simple matter, that already happened around the world, especially, nowadays, in my beloved country, Indonesia Why I said so, because, nowadays, in Indonesia, a lot of politicians, say that he/she fond of democracy, and try their best to live the democracy process livelyh, unfortunately, they  did the contrary, they …Read more »

Dear all netters, we so sorry for being late in updating this site, coz, a lot of duty to be fulfilled after the seminar! (Thanks GOD for the healthy mind and soul that I got from U!)   Here, we wish to thank for all of U, the learner that came to our Storytelling Training Agenda at Surabaya, we wish, we can share a lot knowledge, again and again, in order to make our world, especially our country, peacefully.   Insya ALLAH, this week, I wanna share  a bit of discussion that shared at our training, so, keep in touch! …Read more »

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” Theologian Robert McAfee Brown (1920-2001)   Dear all, everyone of us maybe not even consider of this reality, every hour in our daily life is fulfilled with the story told by storytellers!   It may came from blogs, radio broadcasters, tweets, ads or even the stories share by others to us in our trip to the office or when we still in queue  for taking our meals at Mc Donald’s at Lunch Time…   So, why don’t you try to become the storyteller too, as you have …Read more »

Dear Netter, today, we share a lot to others our stories. It spoken or written at social media. Sharing our story or idea, can be called as Storytelling. Storytelling is important to us, because with storytelling we can change our own self, not only the others.   Everyone thinks  of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself (Leo Tolstoy)   Storytelling can change the storyteller attitude because the storyteller ought to act as good as the story he had shared to others. People accept and absorb the idea share by the storyteller based upon the trust inside him. …Read more »

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